Bloem Docht

Bloem Docht (بهاردخت) was feeling cold, spending all day behind the curtains of the Harem. One night she met the sun in her dreams and felt warm. The next day she dared to open the curtains and become what she always wanted to be!
Bloem Docht (بهاردخت) is designed by Narges, a very talented artist based in Iran. The design is inspired by paintings of Khatoon, an Iranian female character from the Qajar period, who lived in Harem and always was painted veiled. Bloem Docht is the daughter of Khatoon who crossed the censorship and is unveiled.
StreaMind brought Bloem Docht to the Netherlands on the 8th of March 2024 at MelkwegExpo during the viva la vulva festival in Amsterdam.

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